Edward Philip Consultants, LLC is owned an operated by former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officers with over 60 years of combined experience conducting operations all over the world. Our consultants have directed intelligence-gathering operations from Bogot Colombia to Bangkok, Thailand. We have successfully collected foreign intelligence in every continent of the world. We have collaborated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Agency, National Security Agency, various U.S Military Special Operations groups and local law enforcement. Internationally, we have operated in cooperative relationships with a number of intelligence organizations, foreign military and law enforcement.

A new addition to our consultants is Mr. German Velasco, his experience and skill as a senior policy maker brings a new wealth of skills and experience.

He provides Edward Philip Consultants with a new dimension in strategic planning and understanding how to influence change. As a result of the various information gathering experiences we have developed an expertise in the following:

Social Marketing and Brokering
As international social marketers we understand the attitudes and behaviors of a target audience, populations or groups of people and find the best way to influence change. Our consultants have employed strategic planning and techniques to influence change with quantitative results worldwide. We have also excelled in brokering introductions for our clients, as a result of our skill and fortitude to meet people.

Media Resources
In addition to our social marketing and brokering, we have partnered with a number of media resources that allows our clients to reach 90% of the Hispanic speaking in the United States and Puerto Rico:

Our all in Spanish language "US Government Website Links" reaches hundreds of thousands of Hispanics nation wide, 24/7. List your organization on our banner and touch thousands of Hispanic.

Hispanic Radio Network brings a network of 160 radio stations and reaches over 3.5 million Hispanic every quarter hour. HRN also has newspaper affiliates of over 90 newspapers with weekly circulation of over 4 million.

Rod Enterprises brings a track record of providing diversity graphics to government and private industry to new levels.

Edward Philip Consultants can also re-craft your website into Spanish.

And of course we can translate English to Spanish.

We also provide speakers on the life of a CIA Case Officer, often mistakenly called Agents. (See Bio Overview)

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